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TU5JP4 Turbo - dyno run - Замер мощности Peugeot 307

Our package for the TU sixteen valve engines is based upon the GTGT30 range of water cooled Garrett ball bearing turbochargers and our 'Blister' equal length turbo manifold. Combined they give an excellent boost build up, fantastic power and outstanding reliablity. The component selector on this page offers the ability to match the package to the power goals and budget you have in mind.

Be the first to review this product. SKU Notify me when the price drops. Year of vehicle -- Please Select -- Mild steel. No connection. No, i will find my own connectors. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Choosing the best components is key to insure spectacular performance in every aspect and our turbo component packages deliver just that!

A turbo package contains all parts needed to physically mount a turbocharger on the engine. Please read below under 'details' what parts are included in the turbo packege. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Fits with aircoditioning!JP4S has different valve springs! So not much unknown or wierd about that. What about the bottom end? I see that there are differences in the pistons does anyone know what those differences are?

Are there other differences that i mis here? Are there reasons to take a jp4s instead of a jp4? JP4S pistons probably have valve cutouts, which JP4 doesn't. Everything else is basically the same.

If you are thinking of putting some sportier cams and itb's in there, then I would advise JP4. It is much easier and cheaper to source, and you will probably need to make valve cutouts anyway. Last edited by drmo; at PM. Find More Posts by drmo. I agree with the above if tuning go for a normal jp4 there cheap as chip low mileage! Evening chaps, Sorry to hi-jack the thread slightly, but I've always wondered the difference between the JP4 and JP4S units, so thanks for the info.

Quiksilver and now looking for more power. Would like to go down the itb route, maybe send the engine up to Pug1Off, Constella, Atspeed etc so they can work their magic. Money isn't too much of an issue as it's a pure toy that only comes out occasionally and I have a company car. I have seen x2 JP4S lumps sub 30k for sale which will be sold as bare engines which is fine with me as I'll want to put a new cambelt, waterpump etc. I assume I'd be fine running a GTi loom in the car?

Again, sorry for crashing the thread, but thought it was still on topic! Thanks for any advice, tips etc. There is basically no difference between the two, only the JP4S inlet manifold is worth keeping. Internally pistons, rods, crank they are almost the same, only the pistons are different part number, but the compression is the same in both engines.

Maybe the pistons have valve cutouts, but I don't know. For hp you would need to change the same things on both engines besides the inletso cams, valve springs and retainers etc. But, as you say that the engines come only as bare engines so without inlet, exhaustthere is no point of having a JP4S lump, you would still need to find the missing bits. But, if you can get it cheap and low mileage, why not. Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is PM.

User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Find More Posts by Arnold Naber. Find More Posts by chrisjp4. Posting Rules.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of I was wondering if there is someone who bought one from the shelf and has some feedback regarding quality or clearance issues.

It is a cast manifold, will accept GT It can run turbos with both internal and external waste gates. Anyone care to comment? The price shown is too cheap to be cast out of anything other than basic cast iron, which would crack and fail in no time.

It works, very well. Ok, superb. Thanks for the hint. I did not know there is a direct swap possible for tu5 engine. I cannot find your build thread. Is it on the forum? Originally Posted by cappuccino The manifold doesn't go straight on. Four studs lign up OK, four or five need the holes in the manifold filing a bit and the stud nearest the timing belt needs to be moved across a bit. You also need to grind the bottom edge of the manifold a bit because the TU block is wider than the TU head and the manifold is deeper, so it fouls the edge of the block.

All the work needed on the manifold is about two hours work, so it's no big deal. The turbo in you picture has the compressor outlet pointing in the direction of the inlet, towards the battery. You don't want that type, you want the type that points up over the cambox.Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 26 to 50 of For coolant route I am planning to plug turbo instead of heat exchanger: I have seen it done this way on some other GT turbo thread. Also my thermostat housing looks a bit smaller then the alloy one:.

But will the turbo core and pipes flow enough water for the heater performance to still be adequate? Heater pipes are usually about 16mm bore, turbo pipes are about 8mm bore, so only perhaps a quarter of the cross-sectional area.

I was influenced by this build:. Are you building a track car or a road car?

A road car. The picks above were only used as a reference for the turbo cooling route. But for a road car you need a good heater, which is why I asked This car is not being used during winter at all. But I do get your point in how adding turbo in serial with the heater core would reduce its performance due to more restricted coolant passages of turbo core. I might end up fitting a t piece and run a turbo coolant feed that way and return line straight to header tank. Pretty much same what you did.

Why water? You better start spending money on drugs, like all the normal kids. K03 turbocharger is by design water cooled. It requires coolant to flow through its core to cool it. Last edited by sebastian; at PM. Cappuccino34 can you give me a shopping list??

GT Turbo build. What power gains are we expecting? Seems a bit low considering? You can get similar gains just from cams and remap.

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tu5jp4 turbo manifold

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tu5jp4 turbo manifold

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Finally told them I had to go and just cancel my service. They kept trying to get me to get a different package and that they had some good deals. I told them no, just cancel.

tu5jp4 turbo manifold

I finally had to sign off the chat, thinking that my service would be cancelled as requested. Well, as of Dec. Again they kept trying to get me to switch packages and said they had some great offers.

After chatting about 20 minutes I was told that I had to be transferred to another department. Another person started chatting and, once again, kept trying to get me to switch and telling me about the "great deals" available. They kept me online for about another 20 minutes before I finally told them to click the box on their screen to cancel my service.

After giving them the same information that I had given them in November, they finally cancelled the service after about another 10 minutes or so.

Because of the runaround they gave me and jerking me around, I would never recommend DirecTV to anyone nor will I ever get their service again. If they had just cancelled the service as requested I might have gotten their service again in the future. Stay away from DirecTV. It took me over 20 minutes on 3 occasions to get a customer representative. It wouldn't take as long to get a customer service rep If they didn't have to read a script.

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It has not been 5 weeks since I ordered and every time I call someone from India comes on the line.

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